Karl Lagerfeld, what a nerve!

Hello, dear TEENSIZERS, I have been away and busy and (I confess), I have neglected my dear blog. But day in and day out there has been an issue lingering in my mind that I really have to address here.

The very talented and recognized German designer Karl Lagerfeld recently reacted to Brigitte's (Germany's most popular women's magazine) announcement last week that it will, in the future, use "ordinary, realistic" women rather than professional models in its photo shoots, saying that the decision  was "absurd" and driven by overweight women who did not like to be reminded of their weight issues.

He continue by saying that  "These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly," Lagerfeld said in an interview with Focus magazine and finished up saying that "no one wants to see round women".

I am usually really cool with these kind of stupid comments, but I cannot help but feel offended, mostly because I don't want this to be the mentality passed on to my daughter. 
This is not an issue against really thin women, they are as beautiful as we, TEENSIZERS, are specially if that is their natural body type. But it cannot be denied that many of the ultra thin models follow unhealthy habits to stay at a size 0, and even still, their pictures are photoshoped and thinnned down!

I am sure that Mr. Lagerfeld is trying to erase his past as a TEENSIZER himself, and that's why, for fun and revenge, I am posting this picture! ;-)



Paris showed this year a very sober runway. Critics say it's a response to these trying economic times. Even it being a proposal for next Spring season, it was full of black and withe dresses, graphic shapes and beige tones. This may just work for all of us!!!!

Now, and wanted to share this exert with you. I am still offended by the way some merchandise treat us, consumers, are we really just robots that can be programed to buy?:

"The trick to stimulating the consumer, Ms. Solomon said, is to “make her believe she needs to update her wardrobe, to make her feel there is something she needs to have to get that emotional boost.”
It is hoped that for the spring of 2010, this increasingly chimerical-seeming person will gaze into her closet and suddenly wonder with terror why she does not see, as Ms. Solomon suggested, “a sexy, short, ruched, cut-out, pleated short dress, or a pair of slouchy pants.”
And she will buy those things for the emotional boost it gives her. Or else, if you believe the analysts who characterize the current economic upswing as the midpoint in a W-shaped double-dip recession, she will probably elect to pay her electricity bill instead." New York Times


What to wear?

Here comes the moment of truth. I have a wedding to attend next month, and even though tons of ideas pop to my mind about what to wear, the truth is: I've got to keep it real.

At least I know excatly what I want:
I have to choose something adequate for my body type and size , but
I have to look really nice and sexy. I hate looking OLDER THAN I AM.

I also, and this is really important, need to stay on budget. So that amazing purple Oscar de la Renta has to stay only in my dreams.

What will come out out of this?
Who knows, but I promise I will let you know...

Write back with any ideas!


Milan Fashion week

Milan Fashion week features some of my most admired designers, among them Miuccia Prada, whom I got to meet at one of FIT Museum's exhibition openings. She seems very down to earth, and believe or not, that's what I like about her clothes.

Right now you must be thinking I completely went insane. "Prada!!!! down to earth??!!"

I know, I know, the prices are VERY "luxurious" and the clothes sometimes seem crazy. That craziness is exactly what I find appealing and down to earth.

Are we really leaving the ostentatious lives of the jet set? Sorry Donatella, but NO! I drive my kids to school, fight with the baby sitter, go to the supermarket, work in jeans. My life is not fancy, but crazy? oh yeah!

Prada herself once said that she uses ugly things and make them look good, she has been called "the leader of the ugly aesthetics of the 90's".

So true, life is full of ugliness and imperfection, and we can make that look great!

Check this video by the New York Times on Milan fashion Week:


Slouchy Henleys for less than $2.50!!!! Leggings, we just got a match!

As I promised to do, I've been trying to figure out good ways for us, TEENSIZERS, to wear legginsg. We cannot miss out on this ultra-comfy trend!

My first attempt was successful,  I mixed my black leggins with and old blouse and my new slouchy Henley from Old Navy. The best part, the Henley was only $2.50 thanks to a sale going on NOW. They have many sizes and colors.
I liked the detail of the buttons down the front, but I am definitely going back today for more, plain ones, to wear with a thick belt over them.
One tip, buy them one size bigger than you would normally do, they really need to be slouchy to get the right effect, cover the hips and work the proportions of the look.
I wore heels for a meeting, and then changed into flats for the rest of the day, both ways work!

If you have any other ideas, please email me a picture!


leggings here, leggings there, leggings everywhere!!!!!!!

If there is ONE fall must-have this year, it is definitely LEGGINGS. I do hate "must-haves", I usually go against what they say, but leggings are just too COMFORTABLE, VERSATILE, and PRACTICAL to let go.

How to wear them?
more on that soon...