GOOD NEWS - boyfriend jeans!

They are back!!!!! and we should be happy about it... They are comfortable and forgiving, but they can still look sexy and feminine.

Now please, don't just throw your husband pants on, remember, the idea is ALWAYS to look great while feeling we are wearing those disgusting sweats that nobody should ever see.

Yes, you can start by trying on your man's jeans, make sure your bum looks awesome in them, we should all be proud of our bums, if they are too tight, just go get your own par of jeans.

Now take a hint from the pic, rolled them up just enough to show your ankles. For a weekend trip use cute flip flops or flats and a great tee (don't forget accessories! EVER!).

For a more dressy look use high heeled sandals (those chunky ones Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't taken off the whole summer), and a blouse, and go show yourself off to the world.

Remember, for us TEENSIZERS proportions are very important. If the pants are baggy, try a fitter top. Or go to the other extreme and wear a very loose blouse, but be careful not to look masculine, I am not talking about a XXL tee, I am talking about a loose blouse.

Oh! this pants are from NY & Co. . But you should try Old Navy or the Gap also, my gorgeous friend Rachael was wearing a great pair from there a couple of weekends ago.


Great kimono maxi dress!!!!!!

I love dresses, specially the long flowy ones. I just found one in target.com that has a great fit!
It has kimono sleeves and an empire waist, and it comes in beautiful solid colors. All of which make the long column style elongate the figure! Just want we need...

I felt modern and sexy trying it on. I will wear it with a couple of really long necklace (DO NOT COVER YOUR CLEAVAGE), to accentuate the v-neck affect, and a pair of great sandals, either flat or high heels. Another thing, the size M fits me perfectly, and I am sure the L would look good too, but I often go for an XL, so be confident to get your size, don't go up.

The price is great, $24.99, on-line only, but I was SOOOOOO lucky, that I found it in the store for under $7 dollars, thanks to whoever returned it!
I couldn't copy a pic of the dress here, but you can find it by clicking here Mossimo® Black Kimono Sleeve Maxi - Pimento