Shorts for the TEENSIZERS (is she for real?)

Wearing a pair of pants when is 90 degrees outside is more than torture, it's almost a sin.

So, yes, I am for real!!!!!! we CAN and should wear shorts. Now this is a touch topic for many TEENSIZERS (including me). Our first reaction tends to be "what the heck! I'll wear them and throw a t-shirt on, and pray nobody sees me". But trust me, there is a much smarter approach.

First of all, if your are going to wear them, wear them proudly! spice them up with extras (take a look at the collage), don't wear those awful "soccer grand-ma" Bermuda shorts and GET YOUR LEGS READY!

This should go without saying, but I've seen so many things out there...

1.- Shave, wax, do whatever you do to get smooth legs.

2.- Get them TAN, you have no idea the difference this will make. If you are not a fan of laying in the sun, get a self-tanning cream and use it. just don't go orange.

3.- Hydrate and shine! We do it to models about to go out on the runway, every movie-star applies this secret as well. Get a light hydrating oil (ex. baby oil) or thick cream and rub some on your legs before going out. This has to be done carefully, you don't want to look greasy, you just want your skin to shine, and your muscles to look more define when light reflects on them.

Go on, try this, and thank me later...


Got more Kimono dresses!

About that wonderful dress I blogged about a couple of days ago... It's better than I thought!
I looked and felt fabulous. My friend Kelly went on-line and got three (3!) right away, and she knows when she sees a good deal. In her words, it is the kind of dress that we will regret not getting in a couple of months.

I was turning heads, YEAH! a teensizer can turn heads!!!!!!

I have a picture of the "potting soil" color, but I still think the "pimento" is my favorite. For tips on how to style it read two postings down.