Karl Lagerfeld, what a nerve!

Hello, dear TEENSIZERS, I have been away and busy and (I confess), I have neglected my dear blog. But day in and day out there has been an issue lingering in my mind that I really have to address here.

The very talented and recognized German designer Karl Lagerfeld recently reacted to Brigitte's (Germany's most popular women's magazine) announcement last week that it will, in the future, use "ordinary, realistic" women rather than professional models in its photo shoots, saying that the decision  was "absurd" and driven by overweight women who did not like to be reminded of their weight issues.

He continue by saying that  "These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly," Lagerfeld said in an interview with Focus magazine and finished up saying that "no one wants to see round women".

I am usually really cool with these kind of stupid comments, but I cannot help but feel offended, mostly because I don't want this to be the mentality passed on to my daughter. 
This is not an issue against really thin women, they are as beautiful as we, TEENSIZERS, are specially if that is their natural body type. But it cannot be denied that many of the ultra thin models follow unhealthy habits to stay at a size 0, and even still, their pictures are photoshoped and thinnned down!

I am sure that Mr. Lagerfeld is trying to erase his past as a TEENSIZER himself, and that's why, for fun and revenge, I am posting this picture! ;-)



Paris showed this year a very sober runway. Critics say it's a response to these trying economic times. Even it being a proposal for next Spring season, it was full of black and withe dresses, graphic shapes and beige tones. This may just work for all of us!!!!

Now, and wanted to share this exert with you. I am still offended by the way some merchandise treat us, consumers, are we really just robots that can be programed to buy?:

"The trick to stimulating the consumer, Ms. Solomon said, is to “make her believe she needs to update her wardrobe, to make her feel there is something she needs to have to get that emotional boost.”
It is hoped that for the spring of 2010, this increasingly chimerical-seeming person will gaze into her closet and suddenly wonder with terror why she does not see, as Ms. Solomon suggested, “a sexy, short, ruched, cut-out, pleated short dress, or a pair of slouchy pants.”
And she will buy those things for the emotional boost it gives her. Or else, if you believe the analysts who characterize the current economic upswing as the midpoint in a W-shaped double-dip recession, she will probably elect to pay her electricity bill instead." New York Times


What to wear?

Here comes the moment of truth. I have a wedding to attend next month, and even though tons of ideas pop to my mind about what to wear, the truth is: I've got to keep it real.

At least I know excatly what I want:
I have to choose something adequate for my body type and size , but
I have to look really nice and sexy. I hate looking OLDER THAN I AM.

I also, and this is really important, need to stay on budget. So that amazing purple Oscar de la Renta has to stay only in my dreams.

What will come out out of this?
Who knows, but I promise I will let you know...

Write back with any ideas!


Milan Fashion week

Milan Fashion week features some of my most admired designers, among them Miuccia Prada, whom I got to meet at one of FIT Museum's exhibition openings. She seems very down to earth, and believe or not, that's what I like about her clothes.

Right now you must be thinking I completely went insane. "Prada!!!! down to earth??!!"

I know, I know, the prices are VERY "luxurious" and the clothes sometimes seem crazy. That craziness is exactly what I find appealing and down to earth.

Are we really leaving the ostentatious lives of the jet set? Sorry Donatella, but NO! I drive my kids to school, fight with the baby sitter, go to the supermarket, work in jeans. My life is not fancy, but crazy? oh yeah!

Prada herself once said that she uses ugly things and make them look good, she has been called "the leader of the ugly aesthetics of the 90's".

So true, life is full of ugliness and imperfection, and we can make that look great!

Check this video by the New York Times on Milan fashion Week:


Slouchy Henleys for less than $2.50!!!! Leggings, we just got a match!

As I promised to do, I've been trying to figure out good ways for us, TEENSIZERS, to wear legginsg. We cannot miss out on this ultra-comfy trend!

My first attempt was successful,  I mixed my black leggins with and old blouse and my new slouchy Henley from Old Navy. The best part, the Henley was only $2.50 thanks to a sale going on NOW. They have many sizes and colors.
I liked the detail of the buttons down the front, but I am definitely going back today for more, plain ones, to wear with a thick belt over them.
One tip, buy them one size bigger than you would normally do, they really need to be slouchy to get the right effect, cover the hips and work the proportions of the look.
I wore heels for a meeting, and then changed into flats for the rest of the day, both ways work!

If you have any other ideas, please email me a picture!


leggings here, leggings there, leggings everywhere!!!!!!!

If there is ONE fall must-have this year, it is definitely LEGGINGS. I do hate "must-haves", I usually go against what they say, but leggings are just too COMFORTABLE, VERSATILE, and PRACTICAL to let go.

How to wear them?
more on that soon...


Anna Sui in Target! (but not for all TEENSIZERS)

The Good news: One of my most favorite designers, Anna Sui (pronounced sue-e), designed a gorgeous line of dresses and blouses for Target! The prices are a little more than your regular Target item, but the prints are to die for, the details are amazing, these are really beautiful pieces. I promise I will dedicate a post to her really soon.

The bad news: I couldn't find anything larger than a 12, and even the 12 wasn't very forgiving, so for most of my TEENSIZER, Anna Sui will have to wait.

If you want to see it, try it, get it, go NOW, it is available for a limited time only, and I already couldn't find the gorgeous white lace dress.


Did you notice the different font?!

Did you noticed that our last post came in a different type and color font? 
It happens that I have an "uber" fashionable, gorgeous and cool sister that is a personality in the Miami night scene. Off-course she goes to work with the trendiest outfits, and she knows how to translate them into day-wear.
As we were discussing fashion options the other day we realized there is a lot of advise to be offer to the "warmer" TEENSIZERS of the tropics or the more daring TEENSIZERS everywhere.
So whenever you see the post in blue Helvetica, it is coming from FL...Expect it to be FUNKY!!!
If you don't want to miss any post, just sign up for emails and/or twitter updates.


SHOES new force of fashion

Look down 7th ave. during fashion week and you will see it.  The highest heels! the craziest shoes!
Why, that's great news for us TEENSIZERS!
Pants are hard to fit, dresses may show our "weakest points", but SHOES, they are always there for us, doesn't matter if we go up or down a couple of pounds, if we feel bloated or didn't shave (it happens).

Now, those higher than live crazy heels are not for everyone or every occasion, but we do have an option... the ankle tie sandal. They go with shorts, skirts, pants, dresses... Just wear them with plain clothes and make sure you accessorize to elongate the figure, since they can make the legs look a little shorter.
If you are lucky enough to live in Florida, wear them all year round. If you, like me here in NY, are ready to say by to summer, use them now! it  is your last chance for the year.


little RED TEENSIZER!!!get your apples this Fall.

cameron diaz 2 

Continuing our conversation about Fall's colors, Red is moving to the center of attention. It is said that in down times (has someone heard of the economic recession?) designers and customers opt for more sober colors. This time around, though, everyone seems to be trying to lift up our spirits splashing a little red all over!
It is not as big as other colors in the palette, but it is definitely worth mentioning.
Coats and purses, shoes and tops, and gorgeous RED LIPS!!!!!
Go for it, my TEENSIZER!


Update from fashion Week NY

As I just mentioned before, the 80's are playing a big role as an inspiration for the Spring 10 collections of many (most!) designers. Things to keep in mind and look for:
-Graphic florals, not the little house on the prairie!!! but very modern, surrealist ones.
-80's silhouettes, rag and Bone has the baggiest, loosest pieces of clothes, BCBG has asymmetrical sheath dresses , etc.
BCBG , TAHARI I & II , Rag & Bone
-Muted colors, even though it is a spring collection, I am seeing vibrant colors being replaced by relaxing earthy tones, muted greens, lots of creams and beiges. These are great colors for most of us, TEENSIZERS!
We will continue taking a look at the collections, don't forget to keep track by signing up for e-mails or tweets.


Welcome to NY Fashion Week!

Yes, today is the start of New York Fashion Week.

Designers will be presenting their proposals for Spring 2010, so we will have some time to digest and decide what's actually going to work for us.

I will keep you posted, so stay in touch and/or sign up for email updates and RSS.

I will also include some gossip, just for the fun of it. To begin with, do you know that a designer has to pay over $100,000 for a spot in one of the tents (did you even know there were tents?), and that is not counting all of the HUGE production costs including models, decor, etc.

This is not only for talented designers, but for talented and RICH designers.
More is coming...


Go 80's without going overboard

Hi to all my TEENSIZERS out there!

School started, kids are away and here I am trying to find the right clothes to wear everyday to work. Since my work is not always fashion-related (I teach!) I try to keep updated and fashionable without feeling out of place.

I had recently gotten a great "blouson" (A garment, such as a dress or shirt, with a fitted waistband over which material blouses.) at TARGET for $6.76, following the 80's spitit, I paired it with a cool belt I got from H&M at $14, black Capri pants and black sandals, you have no idea how many compliments I got!

The trick here is going 80's without going overboard, even if you read in magazines, time and again, that shoulder pads are back, BEWARE, they are not for every body, every style, and every occasion, and they are not your mother's shoulder pads!

Don't dress like a quarterback just yet. We will talk more about the topic,and for now, keep the 80's to the accessories, and maybe only one piece of clothing at a time.

Send you comments or questions, or even better pictures!!!!!!!! and don't forget to join the RSS feed, emails or twitter.


great Website- REAL discounts!

I just found a new online store that offers REAL discounts in brand-name pieces. The name is Beyond the Rack, and they call themselves a private shopping club, which means you have to be invited and sign up for an account. Then, they will send you the sale of the day.

Sales last a couple of days only, and they offer clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.
Believe me, it is fun and easy.

I haven't returned anything, but I know they will only return for credit in the store. I wish they will give money back, but I guess they are starting and have to make sure they make a profit. I recommend you to sign in now, when they offer real discounts. Usually this sites get some "fame" and start being greedier.

Use this invitation code: NAR2F062735 to see if we can win a shopping spree, we will have fun shopping together!!!


Feeling ready for Fall Fashion


Fall Fashion is AMAZING! That's why Vogue becomes encyclopedic for their September issue. Us TEENSIZERS start feeling more confident as we forgot summer dresses and become glamorous and gorgeous.

I am feeling ready for graphic styles and color blocking. It is time for a modern and personal twist. We will start putting together some looks, and we already talked about the season's palette, in the mean time, let's start doing some shopping!

Two styles that are strongly coming back for the season: stripes(that can look good even horizontally, if you know how to use them) and one-shoulder tops, which I LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! They are fun and sexy, and the diagonal line elongates the torso and neckline, it works for almost anybody.

So, to begin with, check out Old Navy's $10 Fall Sale they've got some really good pieces.

And don't forget to subscribe to our email or RSS, I will be checking out stores and posting on the spot... We don't want to miss those sales!!!


Season's Palette II, Fall 09

Continuing our conversation about color palettes, now we know where they come from. The good news, this Fall's palettes are simply gorgeous! so elegant and classy.
Grey is coming really strong, which is wonderful since there are many shades to choose from. Some tips to keep in mind:

1.- I highly recommend to use a darker shade as the main color in your wardrobe (especial to those of use who love to wear black). Darker shades are more flattering to a wider variety of skin tones, and great for us, the TEENSIZERS!

2.- If you are very fair, be careful wearing a too-light shade of gray, it is a great color, but it can't make you look washed-out.

3.- Combine different shades in one outfit (matchy-matchy is so PASSE), we don't want to look like a walking stainless steel appliance.

4.- Use pops of colors to bring live to falls hues. I love them, but we cannot allow them to be depressing.

And that brings me to two of the most relevant complimentary colors for the season: Purple and Ochre/Chartreuse (think Shrek with hepatitis). We will go deeper into this topic, but for know check the nail polish palette proposed by Real Simple magazine. Isn't it great?!

Oh!, and now you can subscribe to a RSS feed or receive emails with the new posts. Go ahead, sign in clicking the side bar and let's stay connected!


season's Palette, and why do we care...

You could be amazed at how designers come up with season's "palettes", or you can be disappointed on how it is a vicious circle. The truth is, there are forecasting companies charging tens of thousands of dollars, trends researches and even color psychologists out there trying to figure out what's the next big color for the upcoming season, and by upcoming I mean at least 1.5 years in advance.

Where do they get the information for their "research"?
Well, they look at the economy, social happenings and so, but mostly, they look at what people are wearing, painting, or using over the world. They look at us!!!!!!
Then they produce fabrics, clothes, accessories, make-up, wall paint, etc, and we go out and buy it. A little spike in the use of one color becomes a full-out trend.

Let me be clear, they don't go and choose
one color for each season. They propose 8-10 different stories, and each story has a palette of maybe 10-12 colors. Each designer or fashion house chooses what they would like to present.

So, why is this important to us?

To begin with, we don't really have an option. Unless you are willing to dye your own clothes, you have to wear whatever is out there.

But we can (and should) use season's palettes to our advantage, and that's what will come up in my future posts.

Please write with any question about the topic, and stay tune for tips on using this Fall's colors.



One of the things us frugal TEENSIZERS do, is to get accustomed to buy in a couple of store, and those stores only, which is, in my opinion, a very good strategic move. We know what we will find, and we know the price range.

Now, there is something about the thrill of conquering an unexpected location... and that brings me to Forever 21. I love the look and feeling of the store, it is hip and young, as you can expect from its name, but it presents some serious problem for beautiful TEENSIZERS like us, for starters, their biggest size is L (about 13 in pants), and their fit is closer of that of the junior market.
That said, I never stop checking it out for two main reasons:

1- there is simply NO OTHER cheapest place for accessories. I just got the cutest necklace for about $4, and I have received tons of compliments on it.

2- You can, if you are willing to try on a lot of stuff, find great pieces of clothing, but that'll bring me to my next post...

So, be brave, go and conquer!


Gauze Top - tip from reader! :-)

Dear "keldel" thanks!
This Old Navy Pintucked Gauze Top is really a great find.
It looks very nice by itself, and is also neutral enough to be styled in different ways. I can see it paired with jeans or shorts for a walk on the beach, or with a more tailored suit for work. I had fun trying on the different options.

I also hope this encourages other readers to send in questions or comments.
thanks again!!!!!!!


More shoes! Enhancingo by Nine West

I saw this shoes and I fell in love with them. They are very simple pumps, but with delicate details that make them sexy and classy at the same time.

#1- The heel height passes my test, helped by the fact that it has a hidden platform.
#2- The tapered heels are thin and slender, they look like stilettos, but are supportive enough that I can walk on them.
#3- The rounded toe cap is stylized and feminine, while anatomically forgiving.
3#- Price was right (around $50 at Nine West outlet stores), but right now they have "buy one, get one 50% off" which makes it a much better deal.

I'd love to own something a little funkier for my nights out, but since they are virtually nonexistent I am better off with these.

They can easily be dressed up for a night out, or even a more formal affair, and they can be beautifully combined with suits and work wear.

In other words: I got them!


BESTEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! for the Teensizers...

Please do yourself a favor and read the August issue of Time Magazine (www.time.com)about exercise and weight loss "The Myth about Exercise".Their website is a little confusing but I am linking this post directly to their health articles, you should be able to find it.

I NEED to spoil the end of the story:

Yes exercise is good, it is actually great! and necessary, but for weight-loss, we are better off moving more than killing ourselves in the gym.

I have never been so excited about a magazine article...
Full disclosure, I am OK being a TEENSIZER, and that's why I promote health and good style for us. But I would do anything (except working my self silly in a gym) to be on the lower side of the TEENs (sizes, you know).


Mayo Clinic helps manage family life

I rely heavily on technology to organize my life. If I don't set up an appointment on my phone, that appointment is missed, 100% sure. That's why I thought this was a great idea. The Mayo Clinic has just updated its website to make family life easier.

I thought it was going to be a website about weight loss and healthy life style, and that would be fine, but it is a lot more than that. You can upload appointments, your personal info, and even receive advise. Check it out!!!

Passta by Steve Madden ?????

OK, here is the first result in the search for the perfect pair of heels.

Just to remind you, my uttermost conditions is that the heel is not taller than 3.5", it could be 4.5" if the shoe has a platform of 1" and so on...

Now looking for a perfect pair of shoes is almost as stupid as looking for the one single dollar bill that will make you a millionaire, but I have to give a name to my post. We all now we need MANY (and I mean MANY) pairs of shoes. They can dress up or down and outfit, and make your life wonderful or miserable.

So, to be more specific, I am looking for an everyday pair of heels that you can dress formally to go to work or casually to go to dinner. Based on these conditions I really like the style PASSTA by Steve Madden. Obviously Steve has never dance away in a pair of heels, so his shoes get higher and higher by the minute (that happened to a wonderful designer friend of mine, his renderings were amazing, but if had to actually wear those shoes I would have ended our friendship), but these pair seems to strike the perfect balance. They also come in Black (which I prefer) and THEY ARE $19.99 on sale at STEVEN MADDEN STORES!

The key word here is "seems", they didn't have them in my size, and I've gone crazy looking for them... We need to try them on!!!!!!


Looking for the perfect heels!!!!!

Hi all!
I just came back from Miami. We had a great time, but truth be told, all of those perfect beach bodies are hard in one's self-esteem. One thing I came back with... I have to find the PERFECT pair of high-heels!

We went clubbing to SANTO (the hottest place in Miami Beach), I hadn't been to a club in maybe 5-6 years and I had forgotten how to dress to go out to a place like that. One thing for sure, you need the tallest heels you can find.

Well, I won't do that, as I mentioned before, I am all for comfort, but I am sure that out there there is a pair of heels that wont send me directly to the chiropractor but that looks cool and hot enough to take to any Miami Beach club. I am looking for anything 3.5" or lower, with a little bit of a platform it could be higher.

I am kindly asking you to join me in my search, and post here the results (it will be a lot of fun to go out and try on heels anyway!). Can wait to see what you find...


Shorts for the TEENSIZERS (is she for real?)

Wearing a pair of pants when is 90 degrees outside is more than torture, it's almost a sin.

So, yes, I am for real!!!!!! we CAN and should wear shorts. Now this is a touch topic for many TEENSIZERS (including me). Our first reaction tends to be "what the heck! I'll wear them and throw a t-shirt on, and pray nobody sees me". But trust me, there is a much smarter approach.

First of all, if your are going to wear them, wear them proudly! spice them up with extras (take a look at the collage), don't wear those awful "soccer grand-ma" Bermuda shorts and GET YOUR LEGS READY!

This should go without saying, but I've seen so many things out there...

1.- Shave, wax, do whatever you do to get smooth legs.

2.- Get them TAN, you have no idea the difference this will make. If you are not a fan of laying in the sun, get a self-tanning cream and use it. just don't go orange.

3.- Hydrate and shine! We do it to models about to go out on the runway, every movie-star applies this secret as well. Get a light hydrating oil (ex. baby oil) or thick cream and rub some on your legs before going out. This has to be done carefully, you don't want to look greasy, you just want your skin to shine, and your muscles to look more define when light reflects on them.

Go on, try this, and thank me later...


Got more Kimono dresses!

About that wonderful dress I blogged about a couple of days ago... It's better than I thought!
I looked and felt fabulous. My friend Kelly went on-line and got three (3!) right away, and she knows when she sees a good deal. In her words, it is the kind of dress that we will regret not getting in a couple of months.

I was turning heads, YEAH! a teensizer can turn heads!!!!!!

I have a picture of the "potting soil" color, but I still think the "pimento" is my favorite. For tips on how to style it read two postings down.


GOOD NEWS - boyfriend jeans!

They are back!!!!! and we should be happy about it... They are comfortable and forgiving, but they can still look sexy and feminine.

Now please, don't just throw your husband pants on, remember, the idea is ALWAYS to look great while feeling we are wearing those disgusting sweats that nobody should ever see.

Yes, you can start by trying on your man's jeans, make sure your bum looks awesome in them, we should all be proud of our bums, if they are too tight, just go get your own par of jeans.

Now take a hint from the pic, rolled them up just enough to show your ankles. For a weekend trip use cute flip flops or flats and a great tee (don't forget accessories! EVER!).

For a more dressy look use high heeled sandals (those chunky ones Gwyneth Paltrow hasn't taken off the whole summer), and a blouse, and go show yourself off to the world.

Remember, for us TEENSIZERS proportions are very important. If the pants are baggy, try a fitter top. Or go to the other extreme and wear a very loose blouse, but be careful not to look masculine, I am not talking about a XXL tee, I am talking about a loose blouse.

Oh! this pants are from NY & Co. . But you should try Old Navy or the Gap also, my gorgeous friend Rachael was wearing a great pair from there a couple of weekends ago.


Great kimono maxi dress!!!!!!

I love dresses, specially the long flowy ones. I just found one in target.com that has a great fit!
It has kimono sleeves and an empire waist, and it comes in beautiful solid colors. All of which make the long column style elongate the figure! Just want we need...

I felt modern and sexy trying it on. I will wear it with a couple of really long necklace (DO NOT COVER YOUR CLEAVAGE), to accentuate the v-neck affect, and a pair of great sandals, either flat or high heels. Another thing, the size M fits me perfectly, and I am sure the L would look good too, but I often go for an XL, so be confident to get your size, don't go up.

The price is great, $24.99, on-line only, but I was SOOOOOO lucky, that I found it in the store for under $7 dollars, thanks to whoever returned it!
I couldn't copy a pic of the dress here, but you can find it by clicking here Mossimo® Black Kimono Sleeve Maxi - Pimento


Make a graphic t-shirt work

I LOVE graphic tees!!!!!

They are clever and fun, and very casual.

But I love to put a twist in the way I style them, so I even wear them to work. But to make that work you have to pair them with the right elements.

Today I put on a nice pair of gray slacks (on sale in Old Navy), posh flat sandals, tucked it in and put a simple belt on, and threw some very thing and long silver necklaces and a pair of nice earrings. That will make the trick and spice up my Amazing Spider-man t-shirt!

Now PLEASE, do not wear man's or too baggy tees. You don't want to look like a feminist gone wrong, or a tacky wrestler. It doesn't have to be tight, but it does have to have a nice fit. A little sleeve that covers only the 1st 1/3 of your upper arm (unless is purposely a 3/4 sleeve), and a slight curve at your waist.

This is specially important for us, the "teensizers". We tend to forget how femenine and sexy we can look!


Styling H&M, favorite clothing store, great deals and styles

H&M is my most favorite clothing store. Most of the models I work with use underwear from there... Did I mention I am a fashion designer?... But don't get scare by the prospect of trying on clothes made for a model. I am far from a size 2 (try a 14-16) and I always find beautiful, well fitting things there.

Fitting is the No. 1 requisite to buy a piece of clothing!!!!! price is the 2nd.

Now, before you go nuts and buy things at full price ALWAYS check there bargains. I just found great organic cotton t-shirts for $5, and jeans at $15. Sadly they had no pants on my size in this particular store, I will look in another one, but you can get lucky.

-I recommend the "very wide" wide jeans, or the skinny one, with one of the tees I mentioned before.
-But don't stop there! This is when it gets fun. Get some long thing necklaces and wear them over the shirt.

-Try on a tee one size larger than the one you would usually get, maybe tie a knot, or tuck in one little corner. The baggy look is coming back.

-Please don't wear sneakers, unless they are very sleek, feminine and stylish (and believe, I DO love sneakers). Better wear sandals, or ballerinas.


Why Cheapest?!

I've always had this amazing gift of find the cheapest most inexpensive things.
When we were teenage we use to take family shopping trips. My mom would give me and my sisters the same amount of money to spend in whatever we wanted.
At the end, Maya would leave with a few, expensive, stylish things... the fashionista.
Melina would find the strangest things, her bag was filled with "peter pan shoes", an antique instant photocamara (not working, off course), and some interesting pieces of clothing...the eccentric.
Me, oh my, always had to include in my shopping list an extra bag. I had to pack shoes, pants, shirts by the dozen, and believe me, nobody would have guessed we had spent the same amount of money.

Having now a family, I have come to really appreciate the great mix of my frugality and sense of style. It is an act of perfect balance and good eye. I won't allow myself to look like a Walmart model, although I might find there some interesting pieces.

I have decided to write down a guide to achive the perfect balance. I also urge you to post questions and pictures, together we can hack the cheapest clothes from any stores and make it look like we just stepped out of Barney's.

My most important rules:

1- NEVER consider price more important than fit, NEVER!!!!!!!!
2- Learn what's a good fit for you (so you can apply the first rule). I can help you with that.
3- Don't buy brands, buy looks.
4-When I say cheap, I mean it!!!!!
I consider cheap: Pants for less that $20.
t-shirts for $5-7.
Dresses for less than $20.
5- EVERYTHING needs to be accesorized, it could be only earrings, or tons of things, but it needs to be the right accesories.

The beggining

There are some "Marthas" in this world that are organized, good mothers, beautiful and fit. They could teach others about cooking, gardening, entertaining and parenting.

Well... I am not one of those...

I had never imagined I would find myself writing a blog.
Honestly, I never thought I had much to share, but this summer
of 2009 is turning out to be a very different one.

To begin with, I am home with my wonderful two kids and have time to think about my life.

I have also realized that I love/HATE those magazines (to which I am hooked up), that give "cheap" advice, that I still can't or don't want to afford. Easy recipes that never come out right and all sorts of advice that just makes me feel like some sort of half-functioning woman. On the contrary, I know I am a smart, fun and driven girl.

So, I have decided to make some important changes, starting NOW. For once, I will feel and look my best, and I will enjoy my life.

Actually, it just popped into my mind that we shouldn't need to make changes, but we can always improve. So let's name the list:


1.- Get thinner and fitter!!!!!!!!!
2.- Find more peace, and learn to have PATIENCE.
3.- Look better, no matter the occasion.
4.- Become savvy financially.
5.- Find real purpose in my life.

I think this is a great beginning. I am sure that prioritizing is a good idea. I do not want to feel overwhelmed and give up, I've done it too many times before, but right now, let's wait and see how this plays up.

As for you, please feel free to send a comment with your "ideal improvements" list.

Best of luck to all of us!