Paris showed this year a very sober runway. Critics say it's a response to these trying economic times. Even it being a proposal for next Spring season, it was full of black and withe dresses, graphic shapes and beige tones. This may just work for all of us!!!!

Now, and wanted to share this exert with you. I am still offended by the way some merchandise treat us, consumers, are we really just robots that can be programed to buy?:

"The trick to stimulating the consumer, Ms. Solomon said, is to “make her believe she needs to update her wardrobe, to make her feel there is something she needs to have to get that emotional boost.”
It is hoped that for the spring of 2010, this increasingly chimerical-seeming person will gaze into her closet and suddenly wonder with terror why she does not see, as Ms. Solomon suggested, “a sexy, short, ruched, cut-out, pleated short dress, or a pair of slouchy pants.”
And she will buy those things for the emotional boost it gives her. Or else, if you believe the analysts who characterize the current economic upswing as the midpoint in a W-shaped double-dip recession, she will probably elect to pay her electricity bill instead." New York Times