season's Palette, and why do we care...

You could be amazed at how designers come up with season's "palettes", or you can be disappointed on how it is a vicious circle. The truth is, there are forecasting companies charging tens of thousands of dollars, trends researches and even color psychologists out there trying to figure out what's the next big color for the upcoming season, and by upcoming I mean at least 1.5 years in advance.

Where do they get the information for their "research"?
Well, they look at the economy, social happenings and so, but mostly, they look at what people are wearing, painting, or using over the world. They look at us!!!!!!
Then they produce fabrics, clothes, accessories, make-up, wall paint, etc, and we go out and buy it. A little spike in the use of one color becomes a full-out trend.

Let me be clear, they don't go and choose
one color for each season. They propose 8-10 different stories, and each story has a palette of maybe 10-12 colors. Each designer or fashion house chooses what they would like to present.

So, why is this important to us?

To begin with, we don't really have an option. Unless you are willing to dye your own clothes, you have to wear whatever is out there.

But we can (and should) use season's palettes to our advantage, and that's what will come up in my future posts.

Please write with any question about the topic, and stay tune for tips on using this Fall's colors.



One of the things us frugal TEENSIZERS do, is to get accustomed to buy in a couple of store, and those stores only, which is, in my opinion, a very good strategic move. We know what we will find, and we know the price range.

Now, there is something about the thrill of conquering an unexpected location... and that brings me to Forever 21. I love the look and feeling of the store, it is hip and young, as you can expect from its name, but it presents some serious problem for beautiful TEENSIZERS like us, for starters, their biggest size is L (about 13 in pants), and their fit is closer of that of the junior market.
That said, I never stop checking it out for two main reasons:

1- there is simply NO OTHER cheapest place for accessories. I just got the cutest necklace for about $4, and I have received tons of compliments on it.

2- You can, if you are willing to try on a lot of stuff, find great pieces of clothing, but that'll bring me to my next post...

So, be brave, go and conquer!