Milan Fashion week

Milan Fashion week features some of my most admired designers, among them Miuccia Prada, whom I got to meet at one of FIT Museum's exhibition openings. She seems very down to earth, and believe or not, that's what I like about her clothes.

Right now you must be thinking I completely went insane. "Prada!!!! down to earth??!!"

I know, I know, the prices are VERY "luxurious" and the clothes sometimes seem crazy. That craziness is exactly what I find appealing and down to earth.

Are we really leaving the ostentatious lives of the jet set? Sorry Donatella, but NO! I drive my kids to school, fight with the baby sitter, go to the supermarket, work in jeans. My life is not fancy, but crazy? oh yeah!

Prada herself once said that she uses ugly things and make them look good, she has been called "the leader of the ugly aesthetics of the 90's".

So true, life is full of ugliness and imperfection, and we can make that look great!

Check this video by the New York Times on Milan fashion Week: