BESTEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! for the Teensizers...

Please do yourself a favor and read the August issue of Time Magazine (www.time.com)about exercise and weight loss "The Myth about Exercise".Their website is a little confusing but I am linking this post directly to their health articles, you should be able to find it.

I NEED to spoil the end of the story:

Yes exercise is good, it is actually great! and necessary, but for weight-loss, we are better off moving more than killing ourselves in the gym.

I have never been so excited about a magazine article...
Full disclosure, I am OK being a TEENSIZER, and that's why I promote health and good style for us. But I would do anything (except working my self silly in a gym) to be on the lower side of the TEENs (sizes, you know).


Mayo Clinic helps manage family life

I rely heavily on technology to organize my life. If I don't set up an appointment on my phone, that appointment is missed, 100% sure. That's why I thought this was a great idea. The Mayo Clinic has just updated its website to make family life easier.

I thought it was going to be a website about weight loss and healthy life style, and that would be fine, but it is a lot more than that. You can upload appointments, your personal info, and even receive advise. Check it out!!!

Passta by Steve Madden ?????

OK, here is the first result in the search for the perfect pair of heels.

Just to remind you, my uttermost conditions is that the heel is not taller than 3.5", it could be 4.5" if the shoe has a platform of 1" and so on...

Now looking for a perfect pair of shoes is almost as stupid as looking for the one single dollar bill that will make you a millionaire, but I have to give a name to my post. We all now we need MANY (and I mean MANY) pairs of shoes. They can dress up or down and outfit, and make your life wonderful or miserable.

So, to be more specific, I am looking for an everyday pair of heels that you can dress formally to go to work or casually to go to dinner. Based on these conditions I really like the style PASSTA by Steve Madden. Obviously Steve has never dance away in a pair of heels, so his shoes get higher and higher by the minute (that happened to a wonderful designer friend of mine, his renderings were amazing, but if had to actually wear those shoes I would have ended our friendship), but these pair seems to strike the perfect balance. They also come in Black (which I prefer) and THEY ARE $19.99 on sale at STEVEN MADDEN STORES!

The key word here is "seems", they didn't have them in my size, and I've gone crazy looking for them... We need to try them on!!!!!!


Looking for the perfect heels!!!!!

Hi all!
I just came back from Miami. We had a great time, but truth be told, all of those perfect beach bodies are hard in one's self-esteem. One thing I came back with... I have to find the PERFECT pair of high-heels!

We went clubbing to SANTO (the hottest place in Miami Beach), I hadn't been to a club in maybe 5-6 years and I had forgotten how to dress to go out to a place like that. One thing for sure, you need the tallest heels you can find.

Well, I won't do that, as I mentioned before, I am all for comfort, but I am sure that out there there is a pair of heels that wont send me directly to the chiropractor but that looks cool and hot enough to take to any Miami Beach club. I am looking for anything 3.5" or lower, with a little bit of a platform it could be higher.

I am kindly asking you to join me in my search, and post here the results (it will be a lot of fun to go out and try on heels anyway!). Can wait to see what you find...