Styling H&M, favorite clothing store, great deals and styles

H&M is my most favorite clothing store. Most of the models I work with use underwear from there... Did I mention I am a fashion designer?... But don't get scare by the prospect of trying on clothes made for a model. I am far from a size 2 (try a 14-16) and I always find beautiful, well fitting things there.

Fitting is the No. 1 requisite to buy a piece of clothing!!!!! price is the 2nd.

Now, before you go nuts and buy things at full price ALWAYS check there bargains. I just found great organic cotton t-shirts for $5, and jeans at $15. Sadly they had no pants on my size in this particular store, I will look in another one, but you can get lucky.

-I recommend the "very wide" wide jeans, or the skinny one, with one of the tees I mentioned before.
-But don't stop there! This is when it gets fun. Get some long thing necklaces and wear them over the shirt.

-Try on a tee one size larger than the one you would usually get, maybe tie a knot, or tuck in one little corner. The baggy look is coming back.

-Please don't wear sneakers, unless they are very sleek, feminine and stylish (and believe, I DO love sneakers). Better wear sandals, or ballerinas.