One of the things us frugal TEENSIZERS do, is to get accustomed to buy in a couple of store, and those stores only, which is, in my opinion, a very good strategic move. We know what we will find, and we know the price range.

Now, there is something about the thrill of conquering an unexpected location... and that brings me to Forever 21. I love the look and feeling of the store, it is hip and young, as you can expect from its name, but it presents some serious problem for beautiful TEENSIZERS like us, for starters, their biggest size is L (about 13 in pants), and their fit is closer of that of the junior market.
That said, I never stop checking it out for two main reasons:

1- there is simply NO OTHER cheapest place for accessories. I just got the cutest necklace for about $4, and I have received tons of compliments on it.

2- You can, if you are willing to try on a lot of stuff, find great pieces of clothing, but that'll bring me to my next post...

So, be brave, go and conquer!