Season's Palette II, Fall 09

Continuing our conversation about color palettes, now we know where they come from. The good news, this Fall's palettes are simply gorgeous! so elegant and classy.
Grey is coming really strong, which is wonderful since there are many shades to choose from. Some tips to keep in mind:

1.- I highly recommend to use a darker shade as the main color in your wardrobe (especial to those of use who love to wear black). Darker shades are more flattering to a wider variety of skin tones, and great for us, the TEENSIZERS!

2.- If you are very fair, be careful wearing a too-light shade of gray, it is a great color, but it can't make you look washed-out.

3.- Combine different shades in one outfit (matchy-matchy is so PASSE), we don't want to look like a walking stainless steel appliance.

4.- Use pops of colors to bring live to falls hues. I love them, but we cannot allow them to be depressing.

And that brings me to two of the most relevant complimentary colors for the season: Purple and Ochre/Chartreuse (think Shrek with hepatitis). We will go deeper into this topic, but for know check the nail polish palette proposed by Real Simple magazine. Isn't it great?!

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