Go 80's without going overboard

Hi to all my TEENSIZERS out there!

School started, kids are away and here I am trying to find the right clothes to wear everyday to work. Since my work is not always fashion-related (I teach!) I try to keep updated and fashionable without feeling out of place.

I had recently gotten a great "blouson" (A garment, such as a dress or shirt, with a fitted waistband over which material blouses.) at TARGET for $6.76, following the 80's spitit, I paired it with a cool belt I got from H&M at $14, black Capri pants and black sandals, you have no idea how many compliments I got!

The trick here is going 80's without going overboard, even if you read in magazines, time and again, that shoulder pads are back, BEWARE, they are not for every body, every style, and every occasion, and they are not your mother's shoulder pads!

Don't dress like a quarterback just yet. We will talk more about the topic,and for now, keep the 80's to the accessories, and maybe only one piece of clothing at a time.

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