SHOES new force of fashion

Look down 7th ave. during fashion week and you will see it.  The highest heels! the craziest shoes!
Why, that's great news for us TEENSIZERS!
Pants are hard to fit, dresses may show our "weakest points", but SHOES, they are always there for us, doesn't matter if we go up or down a couple of pounds, if we feel bloated or didn't shave (it happens).

Now, those higher than live crazy heels are not for everyone or every occasion, but we do have an option... the ankle tie sandal. They go with shorts, skirts, pants, dresses... Just wear them with plain clothes and make sure you accessorize to elongate the figure, since they can make the legs look a little shorter.
If you are lucky enough to live in Florida, wear them all year round. If you, like me here in NY, are ready to say by to summer, use them now! it  is your last chance for the year.