Horses and Fashion, a susprisingly good mix!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but two days a week I work among horses. 
Yeap! real thoroughbred horses. Well, I work really with their caretakers: hot-walkers, exercise riders, grooms, etc.

As you can imagine, the dress code here is not very strict. All (and I mean ALL) of my students wear jeans and a t-shirt, dusty boots and a cap. My boss, wears the same pieces of clothing, coming from a definitely fancier shop, and she trades the boots for preppy shiny loafers.

At the begging I encounter a little dilemma, should I conform to the jeans and tee uniform, or with some little adjustments, should I dress as if I were teaching at any university. 

So I did. Armed with some of my  casual accessories, I began to put together outfits that seamed out-of-place, while not out-of-my-mind. And they LOVED it!!!!!!

Male and female alike shower me with compliments, and most importantly, they are teaching me a valuable lesson. Fashion is a way to express my commitment and respect for my job. 
With my orange dresses and high heels I get to tell them everyday how proud I am of their effort, and how lucky I am to be there.