Looking for the perfect heels!!!!!

Hi all!
I just came back from Miami. We had a great time, but truth be told, all of those perfect beach bodies are hard in one's self-esteem. One thing I came back with... I have to find the PERFECT pair of high-heels!

We went clubbing to SANTO (the hottest place in Miami Beach), I hadn't been to a club in maybe 5-6 years and I had forgotten how to dress to go out to a place like that. One thing for sure, you need the tallest heels you can find.

Well, I won't do that, as I mentioned before, I am all for comfort, but I am sure that out there there is a pair of heels that wont send me directly to the chiropractor but that looks cool and hot enough to take to any Miami Beach club. I am looking for anything 3.5" or lower, with a little bit of a platform it could be higher.

I am kindly asking you to join me in my search, and post here the results (it will be a lot of fun to go out and try on heels anyway!). Can wait to see what you find...